I love overworking a piece of art if I can. Before starting most pieces, I do not fully realize my thoughts and opinions, only the feeling of how I want the work to feel, and the characters and subjects seem to come out subconsciously. I do not plan my paintings and do not paint from any observation or reference.In creating my art, I consistently apply elements of maximalism, humor, every hue, playful hand drawn styles, collage, text, and found images. Executed in an array of mediums including collage, works on paper, mixed media paintings, as well as sculpture and installation.

    The art is only fully actualized when it is complete and in front of an audience. It is only until completion when I can make comparisons to past works and see meaning in the subject matter as a linear timeline. I strive for quantity over quality, I want to overwhelm the viewer. I have had several ideas for paintings from dreams and visions such as Brochier Stand, and an unfinished piece, Phone Book. These ideas come from one of my guiding spirits, and I am given direct downloads to these images and meanings.

    In creating a new work I hone in on a nonspecific feeling of grandeur, an environment I want to be a part of in every artwork. Although the absorption of past and current world event subject matter does make its way into the work from time to time, there is a filter that only lets an interpreted version of the reality in, making a parody of the truth. I am sometimes surprised by how relevant or darkly prophetic the pieces become.

    Under the representation of RO2 Gallery in Dallas since 2017, I  have had three exhibitions, and am working towards larger and potentially more immersive experiences. Born in Irving, Texas July 30, 1990, I came of age in the Dallas metroplex area, and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, New Media Art focus, from the University of North Texas in 2013. Prior, I was accepted twice to The Modern of Fort Worth Museum’s Teen Artist Project,  which was crucial for my primary understanding of fine art. Post college, I  gained years of commercial art experience from working at Craighead Green Gallery, and as of now, am providing local art handling and installation services, all of which contributed to my growth as an emerging artist.